Sipping Pretty – Drink Your Way to Glowing Skin

It turns out beauty really is on the inside or at the very least, that is where it starts. Drinkable beauty supplements are the latest on the beauty scene and are hands down the most delicious addition we have ever made to our skincare regime.

We all know that we can take supplements for our bodies – whether you’re vitamin D deficient or just want to boost your immune system – there is a pill out there waiting to be popped. But did you know, much like our body, our skins health is largely affected by what we’re doing to our insides. Dietary and environmental factors can play a big part in why you might be experiencing dull or lacklustre skin. So if you’re splurging on luxe skincare but not seeing results, it might be time to invest in products that work from the inside out.
There is much research that correlates gut health to the quality and clarity of skin and this is where CILK Rose Extract comes in. Formulated to aid digestion and skin cell health from within, it is no surprise the ingredients list boasts a range of all natural, antioxidant packed goodies. Just add 5-10 drops of the rose extract to a glass or bottle of filtered water and you’ll be drinking your way to a flawless complexion in no time.

Get your CILK Rose Extract ($79) here.

— I am currently testing for beauty editor roles and so all my edit test material will be making an appearance here. Who doesn’t love a good beauty tip, trick or review?


The Search Continues

So it’s been a little while since we spoke last. I wish I could tell you that a lot has happened in that time and that I am now working my dream job and had to turn down numerous job offers. But that would be a blatant lie. Still here in Sydney. Hanging on by a thread and still very much jobless. It is a tiring process – the process of pouring your heart out in countless job applications, tailor making each and every cover letter for each and every business/organisation and that’s not even including the many hours spent scouring through Jora, Pedestrian and Seek actually looking for the job advertisments. Needless to say I am exhausted. Mentally, physically, emotionally – I am one very tired girl. 

Most of my applications are met with… yep, you guessed it, silence. I get no response whatsoever. A few have been so kind to provide me with the charming response of, “there isn’t actually a job available right now, we are just fielding expressions of interest”. I think you know you’re in for a tough slog when even businesses are playing the proverbial field. FML. In addition to all of this, I have applied for jobs advertised by recruitment agencies and the adverts read like there is an actual job to be applying for (see: definition of job advertisement, right?) then I get an email response saying (in a nutshell) that they are excited because they have some exciting opportunities coming up IN THE FUTURE, with FUTURE CLIENTS! Cue the smoke billowing from my ears. Then it’s the other thing, possibly the most annoying thing of all; Applying for a job, getting an interview, nailing it, them saying they will be in contact within the next week and then one month later hearing back and the response is A) sorry the job has been scrapped, the position you applied for is no longer; or B) sorry, we hired internally. HOW MUCH MORE MUST I ENDURE?

Some of you may be thinking there must be something seriously wrong with me if im finding it THIS difficult to get a job. I promise, I’m actually kinda awesome. Not only did i graduate with the highest honours for my degree, I have completed an internship, have three awesome written references and did some really cool industry related stuff while I was at uni. Not to mention I have four years experience in a corporate office environment. When the feedback I am receiving from my interviews is that I shouldn’t change a thing and that I(and I quote) “won’t have any trouble finding a job in Sydney”, it’s quite disheartening that it hasn’t happened yet. I know, I know. I have to be patient, keep the faith… and all that jazz. I promise I am trying and I promise this will be my last post whinging about how I still don’t have a job. I am just keeping it 100% real. So again, wish me luck and leave me any tips and tricks you may have, in the comments.

Where It All Begins…

Hi, hello! So good to have you here.

I am so unbelievably proud of myself for finally starting the blog I told myself I would start three years ago. I mean, technically I don’t even have to leave the couch to write a blog post so I don’t know what my excuse has been this whole time… but better late than never, so lets get into this! First of all, I would love to know a little bit about you and what brought you to my site – so please leave me a comment (if anyone ever reads this). I think this early on in the blogging game, it’s hard to say whether this blog will have a strong career focus or what the focus will be exactly but I am excited to see where it takes us and to grow along with it. I have some story ideas that I am keen to share and delve into with you and they are on topics I think everyone can relate to and (hopefully) learn from.

Rather than start telling you about right now, I am going to take it back a little and give you some background into what has gotten me here – sitting on my couch in Sydney, AUS.

A couple of months ago, I graduated from my university degree in mass communication majoring in public relations. Major goal on my list ticked off – so good! I always told myself that once I had finished uni I would move from Brisbane to Sydney, as that is where all the [dream] jobs are. This quickly became somewhat of a spiel I would regurgitate to people, specifically to annoying family members who would ask me what my plans are post-uni and what job my degree is actually going to get me. The ones that need me to tell them the definition of public relations at least five times and then still, at every single family function without fail, ask me “so, what are you studying again?” MY EYES CANNOT ROLL ANY FURTHER INTO THE BACK OF MY HEAD. I am sure you can see, understand or maybe even relate to this. I had a spiel down pat that I would repeat as though I was on autopilot to anyone and everyone who would ask me about my degree, study or future plans. Like with anything, the more you repeat something the more it tends to lose all meaning. I can’t pin point the moment it all stopped meaning something but it at least got lost along the way somewhere. Now don’t get me wrong, I was (and still am) passionate AF about the industry but trying to explain the industry to everyONE, everyTIME was mind numbing. All that and time flies when you’re stressed, depressed, procrastinating and gaining weight while at uni then BAM! three years have passed. Queue photos of me in graduation robes.

It sounds silly but I was so focused on explaining myself to everyone that I most definitely lost myself along the way for a moment. Now that uni was over and I had sat through the three hour long ceremony to prove it (FML), I had to face the music… I was moving to Sydney… apparently. I felt so scared it was paralysing. All my family are in Queensland, I know nobody in New South Wales – what was I thinking? As the plans for the move got underway after Christmas, New Year and all the other festive craziness, I started to apply for jobs in Sydney. One week passed – nothing. Another week – still nothing. A month – yep, you guessed it, nothing. Figured it was because I still lived in Queensland. Got approved for a place in Sydney (a miracle in itself – but that is another story for another time) so I officially had a Sydney address to put on my CV… STILL. NOTHING. There are more jobs in Sydney they said. It will be easy they said. Look! I was never under any sort of impression it was going to be easy to find a job in Sydney but in saying that, I didn’t realise it was going to be this damn hard either.

It is now (officially) my two month anniversary of living in Sydney, and still no job. It’s crazy – I don’t know what else to say. I am on the hunt every day and I have been lucky enough to have ONE interview! ONE! Yep, it seems even getting an interview in this city is near impossible. All of that aside, I am absolutely settled in now and loving life here but my life isn’t complete yet. Until I get that job, I will not be entirely content or happy. So that is the story of how I got from my couch in Brisbane to my couch in Sydney. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went on somewhere in the middle and now I am on the [seemingly never-ending] search for a job that will make all that hard work, worth it.

I will of course keep you posted with my search and all the ridiculous things that happen in between.

Until then,

Not Just a PR Girl x